Taking Back Thursday


This randomly showed up in a genius playlist while I was driving around the other day with the original Just Excellent Beats album art. For those unfortunate and banal souls that don’t recall the graphic design ingenuity, pause for a second. Imagine, if you will, the words Just Excellent Beats as if they were each a step in a descending staircase. And imagine those three steps drawn in a text box. Those of course were the dog days. But I do look back on those glory filled years with a certain nostalgia. Coulda been a contendah. Coulda been a somebody, instead of a music blogger, which is what I am.

(re-)Download: – No Surprise – James Yuill

Songs Like White Elephants


Listen, this isn’t for everyone. This is hard hittin, driving in the left lane, windows down in cruise control, going to another county, no budget at the food emporium, knock you up and knock you down, you gotta problem? pinch the cheeks a little just wake up and smell the roses, boom boom barcelona no bs only A’s. study hard third floor of the library. funky blogging at Lavo with a bottle of belvedere in a can of red bull. sixteen dollar charge for cup of water dirt nasty. Take it or leave it.

Download: Tear the House Up - Hervé & Zebra Katz