Some Sweet Soul Re-Edits/Mixes/Works Part 4

Dillon's Disco


Photo by Alan Light.

I see a bright light on the horizon…a giant silver sun glimmering in the darkness. It beckons me to cast off the week’s stress. And although I’ve been hustlin’ everyday, tonight I will do the hustle. Colored lights beam off in a circular rotation and I’m blinded by the light, but I don’t want to see. I wanna dance! Welcome…to..The Disco!

(The author realizes that just because these songs will move you doesn’t mean you’ll be rollerblade dancing to them tonight. Regardless, enjoy.)

Download: No Sugar (Kreap Double Disco Hammer Mix) - Joey Negro & Gramophonedzie

Download: Going Back To My Roots (Slow Hands Edit) – Odyssey

Download: Do I Do (U-Tern Disco Edit) – Stevie Wonder

Download: I Need A Dollar (La Felix Remix) – Aloe Blacc

Download: Gun (Disco Tech Edit) – Gil Scott Heron

Parliament – Come In Out Of The Rain (The Apple Scruffs Edit) by The Apple Scruffs

Billy Preston – Nothing From Nothing (scratchandsniff re-rub) by scratchandsniff

The O’Jays – Give The People Want They Want (scratchandsniff re-rub) by scratchandsniff

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